Transportation Industry Briefing

Transportation Industry Briefing Follow Up

The County held an informational meeting on May 16, 2013. Public questions and answers can be found in the Q&A below. Full presentation briefing May 2013.

On May 16, 2013 Arlington County held a transportation industry briefing. The follow-up questions and answers will be posted on this webpage. Please check back frequently for updates.

The following are a list of the post presentation questions and answers raised at the Arlington County’s Transportation Industry Briefing presentation.  Official Arlington County staff responses are in Italics.

1. What percentage of the ten year Capital Improvement Plan will go towards design?

Response: The County has identified the Pentagon City Elevator as its first design/build project. Although we have not identified additional projects for design/build, it is our intent to do so in the future.  The County has existing task order consultants.  The County is likely to use the task order consultants for smaller projects up to the maximum legal contract limit.  Larger design projects are likely to go out as a separate solicitation because it does not meet the task order guidelines.  One of these projects is engineering services for the Columbia Pike Streetcar project; this procurement is scheduled to be released this summer.

2. Will the presentation be posted online?

Response: Yes.

3. Does Arlington have a targeted goal for SBE?

Response: Arlington policies do not require that we set a goal, however we encourage utilization of small businesses subject to Federal Transit Administration guidance.

4. How does the County intend to solicit the contract for the implementation of the Columbia Pike Streetcar e.g. Design/Build?

Response: The County has not determined a delivery method for the Columbia Pike Streetcar.  The County Board has not yet defined how many contracts will be awarded.

5. When does the County intend to advertise the Columbia Pike Streetcar project?

Response: The County is unable to predict the timing because of outstanding scheduling and funding issues.

6. When does the County anticipate addressing the timing for the Columbia Pike Streetcar procurement?

Response: The County anticipates releasing the procurement for the Program Management contract for the Streetcar Program first, which we anticipate will be in June or July 2013.  The estimated timing for release of the Columbia Pike Streetcar Engineering Services procurement is summer 2013.  Conflict of interest issues are part of the consideration as the Program Management contractor is going to oversee the design firm.

7. Is the timing similar for procurement of vehicles for both streetcar projects?

Response: Vehicles would be procured following completion of sufficient engineering. The specific timeframe has not as yet been determined.    It is anticipated that the vehicle contract will provide vehicles for both streetcar projects.

8. Where in the environmental assessment work for the Crystal City Streetcar Program?

Response: The County is currently in the mid-point of the Environmental Assessment for the Crystal City Streetcar project.  The work is expected to be completed early calendar year 2014.

9. When is the target for the next industry briefing?

Response: The County anticipates holding at least one transportation industry briefing each year.

10. Is the county going to solicit industry feedback on the procurement process?

Response: The County is always interested in feedback.  We are currently in the draft process for the program management contract that will oversee the streetcar program delivery and assist with a variety of issues related to procurement and other activities.

11. Are there any projects open for conceptual design planning?

Response: The County is working on conceptual planning for the Crystal City Station second entrance.  Once complete, the County will need to consider how to move forward.  This could be a possible project for planning and design.