FY 2014 Adopted Budget

FY 2014 Adopted Budget

FY 2014 Mid Year Memo to the County Board

Find all FY 2014 Proposed Budget and Work Session information.

Note: Budget Documents are in PDF Format | FY 2014 Adopted All-In-One Budget (6.28 MB)

Arlington County Profile
A Guide to Reading The Adopted Budget
County Board Chair Message
Budget Summaries
  • Budget Resolution
  • Budget Decisions
  • Housing Summary
  • Expenditure Summary (all funds)
  • All Funds Revenue and Expenditure Detail
  • General Fund Summary
  • County Government Summary
  • Expenditure Comparison
  • Adopted Budget Position Changes
  • Compensation Summary
General Fund Departments

General Government

Courts and Constitutionals

Public Safety


Other Funds
Pay-As-You-Go Capital and Master Lease
  • General Capital Projects Fund
  • Utilities Capital Projects Fund
  • Master Lease Funding
Glossary and Appendices
  • Pay Plan
  • Budget Process & Calendar
  • Selected Fiscal Indicators
  • Governmental Operating Fund Summaries
  • Financial and Debt Management Policy
  • Comprehensive Plan Summary
  • Glossary